Unsent Letters


Unsent Letters is a journaling exercise you can do if you want to tell someone something but can’t – it might be that you are so angry that screaming in their face would make matters so much worse, or maybe a relationship has ended, or perhaps you are grieving after a loved one’s death. If your mental health is suffering and you have scenarios spinning around and around in your head this could be for you.

Great for processing anger, grief, anxiety and sadness, Aylssa talks you using this writing exercise to help you process how you feel and what you can do next. It’s also one she uses personally to process her own emotions.

Bonus – at the end she also tell you how you can use the same technique in a slightly different way (sentence stems).

Exercise is originally called “Series of Three” by Kathleen Adams, in Bolton, Field & Thompson (2006) ‘Writing Works: A Resource Handbook for Therapeutic Writing Workshops & Activities’ London: JKP

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