Acceptance of the Things You Can’t Change


Sometimes in life awful things happen – big things, small things – and sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of painful emotions like shame, anger, bitterness, guilt or intense sadness. If you find yourself caught up in “why me” or “life isn’t fair” because you can’t solve the problem or change how you feel about it, this episode may be helpful. Acceptance of the things you can’t change does not mean you approve of them or like them – it means that you stop prolonging your suffering.

In this episode Aylssa talks about the DBT Skill of Radical Acceptance. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy was devised by Marsha M. Lineham, and this episode was devised referencing the book: “DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents” by Jill H. Rathus & Alec L. Miller (2015) Guildford Press.


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