How to help when someone has died

Summary We will all, at some point, be touched by the death of someone close to us. Many of us don’t know how to respond when someone is grieving so we avoid the topic for fear of making things worse – but that in itself makes the person who is left behind feel more isolatedContinue reading “How to help when someone has died”

Improving Your Relationships

Summary Is your relationship strained? Not as good, or as fun as you would like it to be? Do you feel like you are nagging your partner all of the time?  If you would like to improve the relationships you have with the people around you then this short episode is for you. Our mentalContinue reading “Improving Your Relationships”

Improving your body image

Summary Do you feel bad about the way that you look? Do you negatively compare yourself to other people? Do you wish you looked like an Instagram model and pick fault with yourself because you don’t? In this episode Aylssa talks through the components of body image, and what you can do to improve yours,Continue reading “Improving your body image”

Try This Muscle Relaxation Technique

Summary In this episode Aylssa helps you to relax by talking you through the progressive muscle relaxation exercise she was taught when she was 15 years old, and has used to get to sleep ever since (though she just uses the final section now!). So grab yourself a comfortable chair or a nice spot toContinue reading “Try This Muscle Relaxation Technique”

Challenge Your Thinking

Summary In this episode Aylssa talks about the 10 different ‘Thinking Traps’ sometimes called ‘Cognitive Distortions’ that we can get ourselves into that fuel poor mental health including Anxiety and Depression. As our thinking fuels our emotions (and vice versa), paying attention to what our brain is telling us can help us challenge what isContinue reading “Challenge Your Thinking”

3 words to stop using this week

Summary In this episode Aylssa explains why stopping using these 3 words could benefit your relationships and your mental health.  Bonus! Another word you could consider changing. See if changing some words can change the way you see things. Episode length: Around 5 minutes Where does this theory come from? Solution-focussed therapy; cognitive behavioural therapy,Continue reading “3 words to stop using this week”

Acceptance of the Things You Can’t Change

Summary Sometimes in life awful things happen – big things, small things – and sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of painful emotions like shame, anger, bitterness, guilt or intense sadness. If you find yourself caught up in “why me” or “life isn’t fair” because you can’t solve the problem or change how youContinue reading “Acceptance of the Things You Can’t Change”

Mapping The Present

Summary In this episode Aylssa talks you through the deceptively simple MIBT exercise of Mind Mapping. This is a great exercise to check in on where you are at in life, what you are coping with at the moment and things you would like to change. So as always, grab yourself a pen and paperContinue reading “Mapping The Present”